Revision for all GCSE exams needs to be planned carefully.  Maths is only one of many subjects taken at the GCSE level.  The difficulty that faces many students revising for their GCSE exams is how much time do I spend on each subject?

It is important to maximise your chances of doing well in the subjects that are most important to you.  Maths and English are arguably the most important subjects that you take at the GCSE level no matter what you do after your GCSE exams.  It is therefore important that extra time be devoted to the GCSE maths revision.  When writing out your revision timetable, it is important that you do some GCSE maths revision on most, if not all, the days that feature in your timetable.  The actual amount of time allocated to GCSE maths revision maybe as little as half an hour on some days, but will obviously need to be a lot more on others.

When allocating time to GCSE maths revision ensure that the important maths topics are covered in morning sessions.  The majority of people are more alert in the morning than they are in the afternoon.  If you are having problems with particular maths topics, you are more likely to overcome these problems in a morning rather than afternoon session.  Although this is not true of all people, it is good advice for the majority of students.  This is also true for those of you who find maths difficult.  Do not allocate your GCSE maths revision to times when you are likely to be distracted by other events.  GCSE maths revision needs to be done when your brain is functioning at its best.  If you do GCSE maths revision for an hour but have not been able to concentrate properly then that hour has probably been wasted.

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