GCSE Maths how to study for the exam

For those looking for a maths GCSE revision web-site, pixymaths has questions and answers with solutions from a wide range of topics.  When doing maths GCSE revision many students like to focus on one maths topic at a time.  Pixymaths has at least 25 questions on each of the maths GCSE topics.  There is a wide variety of maths questions within each topic.  Not all the maths topics are arranged in order of difficulty, but the variety of maths questions ensures that they are interesting and cater for all levels of the GCSE maths curriculum.

When doing your GCSE maths revision I would suggest that you initially do every third or fourth maths question.  This will ensure that you have plenty of the maths questions to come back to for GCSE maths revision nearer the actual GCSE Maths exams.  If you are struggling with one of the GCSE maths topics then you will obviously need to do more of the maths questions.

The blogs on the pixymaths web-site will be updated regularly and so suggestions for any material for these blogs that relates to GCSE maths revision is most welcome and I will try to incorporate it in future blogs.

Perhaps the most important thing for all those taking their GCSE maths in the Summer is to ensure that any maths revision is started sooner rather than later.  You will always perform better in the GCSE maths exams if you are very familiar with the GCSE maths concepts and can answer a wide variety of questions based on those concepts.

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