GCSE Maths Revision


A quick and easy way to revise for the Maths GCSE exam or any other Maths test or Maths exam up to that level.




Log on now! See for yourself!  Pixymaths is THE GCSE Maths Revision web site with 3500 GCSE Maths questions, answers and full solutions where necessary.

There are 20 Maths questions from a variety of maths topics for you to look at free of charge.  If you like what you see you can sign up for a year for less than £6!

PARENTS  -  Pixymaths is ideal for your children whether they are doing GCSE maths revision or whether they are revising for any other Maths exam or test, for example the Common Entrance Exam or SATS tests.

STUDENTS  -  Pixymaths is easy to use and makes revising for GCSE maths so much more interesting as the questions vary from simple to hard and from straightforward to intriguing.

TEACHERS -  Pixymaths is useful not only for GCSE Maths revision but it also has those additional questions that are so necessary to reinforce the mathematical concepts that you are teaching.

TUTORS -  Pixymaths is handy for tutoring students who are sitting their Maths GCSE.  It is easier than relying on text books or worksheets.  You can use it to reinforce the concepts you are teaching no matter what Maths exam or test your students may doing.

Pixymaths is unique among GCSE Maths revision web sites in that it focuses on practising the mathematical concepts.  No other web site has the volume of questions for each of the topics in the GCSE Maths exams.  There are up to a hundred questions on each of the Maths GCSE topics.  This means that when you need to start your GCSE Maths revision you can use the list of topics to plan exactly which you do and when.  It is easy to flit from topic to topic while doing your Maths revision or you can stay focused on an individual topic for as long as you wish which may suit those revising for a specific Maths test or exam.

Pixymaths caters for all levels of the GCSE Maths exam from Foundation Level right through to the most difficult parts of the Higher Level.  Every question is graded according to the GCSE Maths requirements.  This means that you can tell whether a specific question is relevant to the GCSE Maths exam that you are sitting.

Pixymaths is not a GCSE Maths revision web site that will teach you mathematical concepts.  It is there to enable users to practise and reinforce new mathematical concepts.

Pixymaths is there to supplement your school Maths textbook.  Often textbooks have a limited number of problems to solve on any one topic, so that when you come to do your GCSE Maths revision or revision for any other Maths test or exam you need additional questions.  The alternative is to buy a Maths revision textbook, but you cannot buy a good one for less than £6!

Pixymaths is so much easier to use than a GCSE Maths revision textbook.  There is no turning to the back of the book for rather limited answers to the problems.  Pixymaths has answers to each question at the click of the mouse.  Many of these answers contain detailed solutions, ideal for discovering why your answers may not be correct.

Pixymaths will not do the GCSE Maths exam for you but it does provide an excellent, cheap and effective way of doing your GCSE Maths revision.  Try it and when you have found out how useful it is tell your friends, so that they can also use it for their GCSE Maths revision.



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